Yesterday, I told the world I was accepted into school.

Today, I found out that my boyfriend is truly happy for me. He really thinks I can succeed, which means so much. He’s been there, done it and has the degree to prove it. It also sounds like he’s told a bunch of people.

I also told my manager, who was over the top enthusiastic. He insists I need to do it. Which also means quite a bit because I won’t be the most available employee.

Provided I can secure enough funding, I’m not seeing any reason why not. Getting in was the easy part. Funding, not so much. I need some awesome, rich, sympathetic people to give me scholarships. So, if you know any, let them know about me. I’ll be glad to return some favor. Maybe some coffee…



On somewhat of a whim, I applied to go back to school. And I’m in.

Yes, it’s exciting. However, I’m nervous and not sure I can hack it. I can’t even afford it. It’s a tiny, private school which tends to churn out excellent grads in fields which don’t have a great number of students. I’d be a student with little prior knowledge, but I know if I do chose to attend, I will have to work my ass off. And not just at school, which is regarded as extremely challenging and damn near impossible to alos work a part time job. I’ll still have to work. At least I have a pretty good job for that. I’m a barista at one of the corporations, which allows me flexible hours and free coffee, both of which I’d require.

Currently, I’m unsure. I’m going to have to take a good hard look at my options. I’m going to have to have a number of conversations with the people I trust and know what the curriculum entails. One of the biggest challenges will actually to tell my mother, who absolutely won’t support me. I know this from previous conversations about going to school. I went once and that should have been enough.

The odds aren’t in my favor. I already hold a BA, and it’s a small school no one has ever heard of outside of the industry. I almost never see my boyfriend now and we share a room. I’d really never see him. I really have no idea what to do at this point. I was actually kind of hoping to be rejected. It makes the decision that much easier. It’s not like I told anyone to begin with. It would be a secret of my own.

I don’t remember it sucking this much the first time. Granted it was “this school or that one?” It came down to in state tuition. It was the only major difference. This time, though, it’s picking a life and career path. I guess it’s not forever, but just until my loans are paid off. I do have to consider who else this effects, which is namely my boyfriend. He does get a say in the matter, not the final word, but a definite say. Something tells me he’s going to be excited. Then again it’s his alma mater and he didn’t get in the first time. However, I do have the female thing working for me, especially in the programming track.


High School was Boring, Except the Chicken Pox

As I have said before, I like boys. They give me interesting stories.

First up, we have Thomas. We were in NJROTC together. You know those kids who were in uniform once a week on campus? Oh you didn’t have those? Well your school wasn’t as cool as mine. I was 15 and he was 16. We had shared NJROTC together all year, but he didn’t ask me out until summer.

And this summer started out great. I missed finals because I was sick. “With what?” You ask. I was highly contagious with chicken pox. Kids normally get those, and me. By use of the internet, we communicated since I was only being allowed to be around my siblings in hopes I will expose them to my disease. I did give it to my older brother. That was fun. I made sure he was going to get this. Who says I don’t share?

He was at a graduation party, which comes into play much, much later. (Some people need to get out of looking in their hometown for available men.)

Nothing really happened in our summer song relationship. Okay, yes, there was a first kiss. No, I wasn’t drunk this whole relationship. We hung out together. This was the time I went to the library a lot and watched my younger siblings.

The interesting part came afterwards. He decided to start dating my best friend. Yeah, we weren’t the best of friends then. AAnd then there was the time I ran him right out of my Supply Room. (NJROTC nerd, remember? Somebody had to be in charge of all the uniforms and inventory. It just happened to be me.)

I have patellofemeral syndrome and that makes my knee hurts every once in a while. That was one of those days. My fathful Supply Reps found me a wheeled chair and helped me inventory. He came in to see (read: take over) Supply. Like hell was I going to let this happen. I didn’t care how much it hurt, he was getting the hell out of my Supply room. True story. Somehow in my running him out of my room, my knee popped back into place.

I admit, I went a little crazy. This was also the time in my life I was known to yell at the mice that made that room their home. Yell things like “I’M GOING TO GET YOU, YOU DAMN LITTLE SQUEAKERS!”

Oh high school.

Oh boy!

So, yeah, I’ve always been a fan of boys. They were always more fun than those pesky girls. Girls would stab you in the back with a smile on their face and, well, boys don’t.

I’m not unable to have female friends, but it’s a consenus that we all like boys, but we’re all boy’s girls, if you know what I mean. I love football. I’m just sad I never got to play outside of 9th grade PE, but I hate running; it’s not because I’m  a girl.

All through the years, I liked boys. One of them, Joey was a gorgeous, Hispanic, nice boy. Mind you, this was middle school. He was just really fabulous, even if only a friend. As we made our way in high school, I found other boys, those they were a bit thin on the ground. I always held a specal place for Joey and his overall niceness. Eventually I started to wonder if he batted for the other team. I’m not one to confront anyone about things like that. You love who you love, right?

So I was on Facebook today. Yep, it’s confirmed. Good for Joey.