Sometimes I’m glad to be me

I have been given a cold. It’s one of those nasty travel colds, which tend to follow airplane trips. And I didn’t even get the fun part of the trip. What actually makes me absolutely miserable is being able to sleep. I tend to drown myself in nyquil, in hopes of passing out cold for the whole night. Last night didn’t quite go to plan, since I was also drunk. Spare the lecture, I know I shouldn’t drink and have a nyquil chaser. However, it was my one night to drink a bunch and cold be damned.

This combination led to a less than wonderful night’s sleep. This morning, the boyfriend decided to put all the blankets on me, making me way too hot and waking me up for the day. I was not pleased.

I said something. It went something along the lines of, “I’m annoyed. I was trying to sleep and you woke me up.” Turns out he thought I was awake in all my morning glory. Yeah, that’s never after nyquil. I’m typically a groggy mess until I get a cup of coffee or two. I was rolling over to sleep more. I wanted more damn sleep. It wasn’t a great night’s sleep, dammit. And we’re going to be up late tonight at the midnight showing of the Hunger Games. Okay, I might still be a little annoyed after my two cups of coffee.

What I am happy about is the fact that I can state a problem in a calm manner and have things hashed out in under 5 minutes. I’m really happy I didn’t let it fester all day, either, or I might have been pissed off all day.


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