Breaking the Cardinal Rules

I’m ready to break the cardinal rules in blogging and actually writing something decent. Frankly, right now I’m pissed off and all I reallly want is a stiff drink. I don’t really care it’s early afternoon.

My mother drives me to drink. Having a conversation with her makes me drink. I need one.

I wish I could get along great with my mother and we actually had some semblance of a relationship. I admit, I do have a hand in this but a good portion of the issues are things she needs to deal with. I know how that sounds; I sound like a whiny teenager. However, it’s not just me. My friends, boyfriend and most of all, my therapist agree. In reality, my worse actions in this relationship are growing up and expanding my horizons. I figure if that’s the worst I can give her, she needs to deal with it.

Eventually the kids need to leave and go out on their own. They can’t just chill at home forever. I know I haven’t always made the most mature decisions, but I’m 23; I’m still learning.

I’m aware that I shouldn’t go off for a weekend and not tell anyone. I knew before I went, but I was curious if they would even noticed or care. At the same time, all children will push their limits and inconsistent or lack of enforcement will cause acting out. It doesn’t matter if the kid is 3 or 23. Without some sort of reinforcement, children will become brats. The key part of this is that the kid doesn’t get away with it the first time. That’s the time to be the most strict because if they do it again, they know what’s coming. We employed the same principle in facilitation and working on a ropes course. At the beginning of the day or program, we were super strict, but at the end of the day, we may let things slide. You just can’t give an inch in the beginning and not expect them to take a mile.


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