Not Particularly Fun Things

I wish I could be elaborate and eloquent, but at this moment, I just want to be direct. You know what’s really fun to find out? That your position is going away. I still have a job, but I have to change my availability and what I’m doing. I was planning to transfer anyways. But it’s that our little awesome team is breaking up. It’s why I haven’t transferred yet.

But even more fun that learning that this week? Finding out that the equivalent thing happened to your boyfriend, with whom you live and sadly depend on.

I know that I will still have a job and none of my team is being fired. The BF on the other hand? We’ll see. He has almost a year with his company and lots of job experience to talk about. To me it’s just scary. The crap has been scared out of me. More than ever, I see the importance of having a job which supports yourself. However, I’m stuck. I have years of experience on a ropes course and in fast food. Fast food doesn’t want to hire me because I have a college degree, but places that want a degree, also want experience and more shit than I can muster. Or they’re in things like sales, which is cool for some people, who aren’t me. Me? I’m introverted and have morals which tend to get in the way of being a successful sales person. I don’t want to ever sell you something you don’t need or force you into it. I can’t be pushy. I got in trouble at McDonald’s for not upselling. I didn’t think anyone needed the large meal. I don’t know how this happened as I’m the daughter of two salespeople, essentially. My real dad is supported by his wife and my mom’s a banker, but she’s really a salesperson. I lack the specific and/or technical degree. So really, I’m just in a fabulous life position right now.


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