At least I have a nice blonde to keep me company

My boyfriend is at D and D. He’s about the biggest nerd I know, but that’s okay. I like nerds. I’m just chilling, waiting on his return. There’s only water left to drink. I had a mildly spicy dinner and didn’t want water, so I broke into the beer. Now i’m into the fireball. Okay, okay I know one shouldn’t drink alone, but I’m going to be joined. eventually.

Okay, I’m booze. But I’m 23, with a boyfriend, employed- not well, but I do have a job, and not responsible for any children. I may have lost my pants already, but really it’s not bad. I could be way, way worse. Like I could be addicted to pills or have a kid to take care of. I don’t have these obstacles to my alcohol drinking.

I was going to make a point here about something, but then I started drinking, so here we are. It is warm in here and I lost my pants. Soon, I’ll lose my shirt and possibly my bra. Not like that hasn’t happened today…

My boyfriend was stressed out and I wanted to make him feel better and what better way to make the boy feel better than BOOBS! The best part was that he had his back to me, and I went over where he was redditing and I was playing with his hair. He enjoys that. But didn’t realize I was topless. And in front of the open window. I went back to the bed where he then turned around and gleefully realized I was without shirt and bra. I made his day. then he made mine. dear god he is good at making me orgasm. just saying. He rather enjoyed the whole exchange.

I love you. and fireball. and beer. and food. apparently i’m hungry. and drunk. it’s a pretty good night only to get more fun.


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