It’s been a while

Sorry, about that. Life’s crazy. Like extra super insane. Seriously, I hardly believe this is all happening.

The good news is that I’m happily settling in Redmond. The bad news is that I have absolutely no interest or desire to talk to my family. Knowing my family, it’s probably for the best I don’t talk to them.

I should totally love my family, I know, but if you knew them… I’ll put it this way. My best friend spend our high school years wanting my mom to be her mom. She quickly changed her mind when she got a taste of being a member of the family. She was suddenly quite grateful for her mom. My family runs my friends off. I like to bring my friends in. I’m just a rebel. I let a toddler or two loose in the house to play and leave fingerprints.

I’m related to a bunch of weird, but not fun, interesting people. If only they were a quirky interesting bunch. Nope, not my family. My mom has church and religion as a large part of her life. It leads to interesting world views in my opinion. Then again, I like thinking for myself. Damn you, College of Liberal Arts and specifically the Theatre department for teaching me to think. Gasp, a woman who thinks. Yeah, that’s the reaction in the house. And, dear God, Theatre?! It will be the death of all the good in the world!

Well, if you have an idea that isn’t theirs or dare to challenge the process, you end up like me- kicked out. You know how people say in every family there’s a black sheep? Yeah, that’s me. My order following brother is doing well for himself. They got him a job and then an apartment.

I went to college. I graduated with a degree in Humanities after studying Theatre Arts, Business and quite a bit of Psychology. There was required thinking and mulling over ideas, even outside of the¬†aforementioned¬†disciplines. My education has set me apart from my family and while I assume this is generally celebrated, it places me in exile. I want to know why I have become exiled. Not just by my mother and stepfather, but father and stepmother as well. I’m not even sure how I’ve managed this. And I’m perfectly safe, physically. Because I was living with my family.

I would like to understand the thought processes of my family. I want to understand how people can be close minded. I’m pretty open to new ideas. Apparently, these traits aren’t genetic.


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