Of course it ends this way, Part 2

I didn’t know how I wanted to react after being so pissed off the night before. Thank goodness, I decided to play Portal 2. I went for the GLaDOS slow burn reaction. I thought it gave me enough bitchiness without scaring the crap out of everybody. Mind you the car we were riding in on our trip is called Caroline after Portal 2. Nope, not a nerd at all, even a little bit.

So Michelle and I got going and she wanted to know if I was mad and all that. I conveyed that I was less than pleased. Frankly, I’m happy for the guy, but her actions on the other hand piss me off. When our roles were reversed, I respected her enough to listen to her when I was working on whoring myself out by abstaining. It wasn’t easy to be drunk, horny, and have the boy right there, but we managed.

Bethany joined our number and brought some fun with her. She gladly provided the car with The Lonely Island and we sang along to songs about body parts we don’t possess, movies, and sports.

Michelle requested to be dropped off at a friends and Bethany and I hit up Sella’s for a couple of calzones. Then we drove around campus a bit and headed to Michela’s. That’s where the night became interesting. I broke out my booze bag. Yep, I keep my hard stuff in a bag, ready to go. The first thing we got into were the Skinny Girl Margaritas and put on Clueless. We’re definitely girls. I started to fall asleep, but was so not ready to since it was only 8:30. That’s no way to party.

I mixed myself a jack and coke, while the amazing Michela made mini slippery nipple shots. We just kept taking them until the mini bottle was gone. Bethany made herself a drink, but said there was too much vodka. I just took the hit and downed it for her. I amused over drunken text messages to someone very sad he wasn’t there with us. Bethany and Michela were enjoying calling out when I was vibrating. And I was enjoying the vibrations. Sadly, I was drunk, horny and straight. Around midnight, I passed out in a recliner. I lack details about the night, but I was drunk and that should be a good enough excuse right?


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