Of course it ends this way

Epic. That was my weekend. Or whatever one calls Thursday to Saturday.

Thursday I go down to the airport to pick up Michelle and we went to a Mariners game. She ate beforehand and I did not, which seems really insignificant, until you realize we were drinking at the game. I’ve never had a beer effect me that much. I was feeling it! We left when it started getting cold because I didn’t bring a jacket.

Then we went up to visit my friends in Redmond. That did not end well. For the first time, I was belligerent while intoxicated. I’m usually so happy and lovey. My achievement that I’m freaking proud of is that I hit Michelle in the face with a ziploc of cookies. It was just a perfect shot and I was drunk. Actually, I was really mad and threw anything I could get my hands on, which fortunately was pretty much a bag of clothes. I started getting mad because was flirting with one of the guys, making out and beyond, with me in the room. Wait until I pass out and I wouldn’t care. However, I wasn’t out yet. I was still busy feeling the carpet.

I had my own opportunity to say “Just go.” They went. Fast. My friend came back out and asked if I wanted to take a walk. It was about 2:30am. I figured I probably should or I’d keep throwing things. I know me when I’m mad. I was so mad I walked to Kirkland. It was 4 miles round trip. My fury didn’t subside after a fresh doughnut either. So I was up, playing Portal 2 until about 6:30 am. Then I thought I’d try that whole sleeping thing. It lasted about 2 hours. So I got up and moving. Then Michelle did the same.


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