My crazy hell week

I’ve had some busy weeks. I’ve had some bad weeks. And I’ve had busy/bad weeks, but this one takes the cake. Oh I wish there was cake.

Never ever again shall I do what I’m voluntold. It’s like volunteering, but worse. It’s more of a do this or else… sort of thing. It was akin to house sitting in July, but instead of chilling by myself, watching tv and playing video games, I’m in a house by myself in a somewhat seedy neighborhood, with tasks to complete, but having those tasks be a mystery until “Why haven’t you done that?”

That’s it in a nutshell. For the record, I’m not a mind reader- tell me what you want. Write it down if you have specifics. And do not expect me to function before noon. I know normal people do, but I’m certainly not normal and I go to bed at earliest 1am, but usually closer to 3am. I start my work shifts at 8pm and I like my odd schedule. So don’t you dare fuck with it. I’ve been known to get violent and/or weepy when denied coffee or enough of coffee.

I have been updating my facebook status frequently however. Normally, I like to go a few days in between those things. I plan on returning to my average frequency once I’m done with my project.

Overheard in the u district: that maps so old it has czechoslovakia. I feel old.

Im going through desktop withdrawls. No games on the netbook. Need games. Gaaaams. Like brains but for nerds.

I’ve already had a nap. (at 9am)

How does one make an incendiary lemon? I think I’d like one right about now.
SS-Well, Pam. I could tell you but I’d probably end up spending the rest of my life at Gitmo, so it’s probably best you don’t ask.

Freedom! Now what? Im like a cow thats escaped the field. Now i sound really country. Im just going to stop now.

I think I’m more excited than all my coworkers combined to go to work tonight. Work today is that bad. Never, ever work for family/ almost family.

I think im more functional hungover. Actually drunk too. I hate morning.

I’m waiting for a average blonde guy to show up and collect money. This isn’t awkward at all.

Strange noise in this large old house that I’m in all by myself in Seattle? Ax murder, of course. Or my cousin stopping by.

Hey u district thanks for making ptown look downright classy. You even make moscow look good (Moscow, ID is one odd place where natives can’t drive well and is the butt of jokes from us Washington kids.)

I think if i went to this jack in the box at night id get raped or shived. I miss pullman.

These are actually in reverse order because I’m too lazy to make them chronological. However I do find these quite funny.

My highlights of the week: Beer Wednesday and new friends! Yay nerds and vaginas! And even better? Nerds with vaginas!

Actual work! Yeah I might not be paid well and have crappy hours according to Them, but how many jobs do you go to where everyone is opinionated and says what their thinking. “No being pissed off and tired is my job tonight!” We had three people full out vying for that one. The boys were all fine. We worked, we argued, we sang, we forget sections and got lost. But it was honestly lots of fun. It’s not always, but I’m thankful for my job and the customers I claim to hate. It could be worse. Been there, quit that. That’s what I get for being opinionated and refusing to waste my life with bad situations. That’s me. The girl who quits if it doesn’t line up ethically and morally. I’m not picky on what I quit- jobs, classes, people. The only ones I have a challenge quitting are my family members, but that’s another whole ball of wax… lodged in an unhappy ear canal… that I like to psychoanalyze because I almost have a Psych degree.


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