Well At Least Now They Know I’m A Nerd

I just got home from work. Yes, it’s 8:30am. WE started at 10pm yesterday. Oh the joys of price changes. It was one interesting night.

At lunch, the smokers were attempting to devise a way to get that nicotine fix. One suggestion was the trash compactor. Nothing could be bad about that, right? So wrong. Have you never seen Star Wars?Things live in there and not just microscopic scary things, but big giant people eating monster things. Yeah that was when they realized I’m a nerd.

I did refrain from making GLaDOS comments during that break whilst trying to jokingly demean one of my coworkers.

NOTE: I feel asleep there for a few hours. I welcomed the narcolypsy.

And in one of my proud hair moments, I found a hairspray that held 10+ hours, made an impressive pouf of hairspray alone, and retained some hold, even after my few hours of sleep. I think I’m in love with Garnier Fructis Full Control Anti-Humidity in Ultra Song.It comes in an aerosol can and is just fabulous. I bought it, so I paid them to make this recommendation



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