Oh boy!

So, yeah, I’ve always been a fan of boys. They were always more fun than those pesky girls. Girls would stab you in the back with a smile on their face and, well, boys don’t.

I’m not unable to have female friends, but it’s a consenus that we all like boys, but we’re all boy’s girls, if you know what I mean. I love football. I’m just sad I never got to play outside of 9th grade PE, but I hate running; it’s not because I’m  a girl.

All through the years, I liked boys. One of them, Joey was a gorgeous, Hispanic, nice boy. Mind you, this was middle school. He was just really fabulous, even if only a friend. As we made our way in high school, I found other boys, those they were a bit thin on the ground. I always held a specal place for Joey and his overall niceness. Eventually I started to wonder if he batted for the other team. I’m not one to confront anyone about things like that. You love who you love, right?

So I was on Facebook today. Yep, it’s confirmed. Good for Joey.


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